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Neixen dos nous projectes de colles castelleres a França i a Suïssa
2023-05-18 (1/11) - Pujat per WEBMASTER (Catalansalmon) - Comparteix

En les pròximes setmanes s?espera la primera aparició pública de les noves colles de Tolosa i Lausana -projectes-colles-castelleres-franca-sui ssa_1_4704650.html

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2023-02-26 (2/11) - Pujat per Ferran Roig ( Fribourg ) - Comparteix

El ProCat torna amb força!

Veniu a conèixer aquesta associació de professionals catalans a Suïssa. I encara més important, veniu a fer xarxa, a connectar amb gent d'altres gremis i del vostre. Uns hi trobareu el vostre soci, d'altres el vostre client, d'altres el vostre proveïdor, i tots passarem una bona estona.

Apa, ens veurem a Vevey dijous 16 de març, de 2/4-7 a 2/4-9 del vespre. Estigueu bons!
Enjoying Lausanne - Hello Switzerland
2022-01-26 (3/11) - Pujat per WEBMASTER (Catalansalmon) - Comparteix

Once you've settled in to your new home and covered all the essentials, it's time to get to know your new environment. Become familiar with the local culture, meet people with similar interests and make a dedicated effort to engage in activities that are important to you. Most importantly, stay open and receptive to the new experiences. /-/enjoying-lausanne

Things to do in Lausanne
Lausanne is small but diverse, with a scenic lake, an historic old town and a vibrant nightlife. Use the Around Me feature on the Hello Switzerland app (on iPhone and Android) to locate points of interest in your vicinity.

The city centre is a great place to spend your time. Due to its small size you can easily move around by foot or by public transport. The Flon is a vibrant cultural district with shopping, a cinema, night clubs, restaurants and cafés. With its charming buildings and impressive cathedral, the historic old town is also a wonderful area to explore.

From the city centre you can reach the lakeside in less than 15 minutes by foot. Walking along the lake is breath taking at any moment of the day. At the top of the city, the Sauvabelin Park (FR) is a great place to bring the family together. There is a large playground, a small zoo and the possibility to rent boats. The wooden tower at the edge of the park is the main attraction. Climb the 302 steps to the top for a beautiful view of the city, the lake and the mountains.

For those interested in sports, Lausanne offers plenty of options. Enjoy outdoor swimming pools in the summer that are converted into ice skating rinks in the winter. There are also several other outdoor activities that can be practiced: golf, tennis, soccer and beach volleyball, to name a few. Find a complete list of the different facilities in Lausanne on the city website.

Find other great suggestions in the Family activities in Lausanne article. Otherwise, The Lausanne Guide and MySwitzerland are great tools for discovering what to do, where to go in Lausanne and Switzerland.

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Noticias e información desde Suiza y sobre Suiza
2022-01-26 (4/11) - Pujat per WEBMASTER (Catalansalmon) - Comparteix

Noticias e información desde Suiza y sobre Suiza: democracia directa, educación, ciencia, economía, la vida en Suiza y mucho más ? actual, informativo, a fondo y en 10 idiomas (español, inglés, alemán, francés, italiano, portugués, árabe, japonés, chino, ruso)

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Descubrir Suiza: Portal oficial de información del Departamento Federal de Asuntos Exteriores ? una introducción compendiada a la sociedad, política, historia, cultura y economía de Suiza.
2022-01-26 (5/11) - Pujat per WEBMASTER (Catalansalmon) - Comparteix d/es/home.html/en/

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Living in Lausanne - Hello Switzerland
2022-01-26 (6/11) - Pujat per WEBMASTER (Catalansalmon) - Comparteix /living-in-lausanne

The essential Lausanne relocation guide
Welcome to Lausanne, welcome to Hello Switzerland! Here you will find all the information you need about living and working in Lausanne. From facts about cost of living, to helpful advice, enjoy your city!

Lausanne is the second-largest city on Lake Geneva in Switzerland. French is most widely spoken by the native residents, but it is also normal to communicate in English and many other languages. The hilly city is close to nature, including picturesque vineyards, and it is easy to get around as the public transportation options are great. With a large international community and dynamic art scene, the city is multicultural and is home to people from all around the world. The old city of Lausanne is dominated by a medieval cathedral. The city itself is home to highly regarded universities, the Federal Tribunal (Switzerland's highest court), the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and multinational corporations.

Here you will find all the information you need about living in Lausanne. From cost of living, public transportation, finding a place to live, recycling, childcare and much more – Hello Switzerland is here to help you enjoy your city.

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L'artista catalana Chus Diaz Baccheta exposa ?Igualtat? a Lausana - exterior
2022-01-20 (7/11) - Pujat per WEBMASTER (Catalansalmon) - Comparteix

L?artista catalana afincada a Suïssa, Chus Diaz Baccheta i la fotògrafa Audrey Piguet exposen conjuntament la mostra ?Igualtat? al Museu de la Dona de Lausana. La inauguració de la mostra [?] atalana-chus-diaz-baccheta-exposa-igualt at-a-lausana/

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Arribada a Lausanne
2018-10-03 (8/11) - Pujat per David Rodríguez - Comparteix

Hola a totes i a tots, sóc de Girona. Ja havia viscut a Lausanne fa 10 anys i ara hi he tornat. M'acabo de registrar a Catalansalmon. M'agradaria conèixer altres catalans i catalanes que estan vivint aquí. També estic buscant feina i estudiant un màster. Salut a tothom!
vot virtual
2013-10-16 (9/11) - Pujat per salvadortaberner ( Nice ) - Comparteix

Ja podeu votar globalment
2013-09-19 (10/11) - Pujat per Tasting Drops (Catalansalmon) - Comparteix

Bon dia a tots!!!

Us vull presentar la nostra botiga on-line de productes gastronòmics catalans:
Es va fer pensant en tots aquells com vosaltres, que viviu lluny de Catalunya, i que podeu trobar a faltar productes com el cava, el fuet, o l'allioli.

Esperem que us agradi.


Tasting Drops
busco habitació a Lausanne
2013-02-24 (11/11) - Pujat per Montse Pérez Noguera - Comparteix

Hola! el meu company i jo volem emigrar a Lausanne a finals de març, estem buscant una habitació, sóm gent tranquila i responsable. Algú ens pot ajudar/orientar en aquesta recerca? moltes gràcies!
Atenció, tot i que els anuncis del tauler son postejats per membres registrats de la web, Catalansalmon NO certifica ni comprova que siguin autèntics o actualitzats, i per tant NO es fa responsable, no fotem :)

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